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About MSRA


The Association exists as a non-profit Association to bring about the betterment of the industry and the members it serves.

Code of ethics:

A requirement of membership in the Manitoba Sloped Roofing Association is the obligation to conduct business activity and to encourage and support Association action which will promote the advancement of the roofing industry in Manitoba, the welfare of the members, their employees and the Association and, in the final analysis, the provision of quality work.

Members By-laws:

All members must be COR or SECOR certified. Members of the Association carry a minimum $1,000,000 Third-Party Liability Insurance, G.S.T. registration number, be in good standing with Workers Compensation Board, have a Business Number, and be active in the industry for a minimum of two years. Active members are purchasing and supplying materials, have a written contract with customers and hire qualified applicators.


Manitoba Sloped Roofing Association
P.O. Box 103
St. Boniface, MB
R2H 3B4

Phone: 204-795-1247
Fax: 204-783-6446

Contact Email: info@manitobashingling.ca


The MSRA is a valuable resource for shingling and roofing professionals, offering a number of benefits to its members. Find out why you should join!

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